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Modular Financial Planning = More Choice For You

Palfini Financial offers modular retirement and financial planning services. This means that the scope of our work together can be as comprehensive or as narrow as you like, and you will only pay for the planning you want. Think of it as ordering from an a la carte menu when you're not that hungry rather than being forced to pay for an entire meal.

By contrast, some planners may push comprehensive planning on clients whether their situation necessitates such detailed work or not. For those with fairly complex situations and/or large amounts of assets, we offer comprehensive planning as well. But not everyone is forced to pay for services they don't want or need.

I am looking for:

Advice on specific topic(s) with no commitment

Payment: Hourly rate

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Financial planning packages for more complex situations

Payment: Fixed pricing at reduced rate

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Someone to manage my investments

Payment: Percentage of total assets being managed (AUM)

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How Much do You Know About Investment?

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