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Comprehensive, Retirement & Financial Wellness Packages

We offer a number of financial planning packages that provide a more detailed planning experience than a typical modular session. These generally incorporate multiple projects or a much deeper analysis of a topic . Below you will find a listing of what we offer as well as the typical price range from our experience for each. See the Pricing page for more details.

We also offer comprehensive financial planning for those who want a complete picture of their financial life. This is typically chosen by clients with fairly complex situations.

The Basic Process looks something like this in any case:

  • A - Evaluate your current situation
  • B - Identify and expand upon where you want to go
  • C - Come up with actionable steps and recommendations to get you from A to B

All packages include access to your Personal Financial Planning Portal through the duration of the engagement. From there you can: 

  • Aggregate all your financial accounts - from banking and credit cards to loans and investment accounts
  • Create a budget, see spending and track your net worth
  • Explore possibilities of how actions will affect long-term goals
  • See your entire financial picture in one place
  • Securely upload irreplaceable documents such as trusts, deeds and family records to your Vault for safekeeping.*

* The services, tools and information, as well as privacy and security measures, offered herein are provided by Right Capital. For more information on Right Capital’s privacy policy and security safeguards, please visit Sagepoint Financial and Palfini Financial make no representations or warranties of any kind about the information, products or services contained herein.

Most Popular:

Get Organized!: $400-$800+

Get Organized!: $400-$800+

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer mass of information, accounts, statements and minute details that finances often entail? Reducing clutter in your life and giving you a sense of control could help lead to peace of mind.

Whether you prefer to do everything online or like to keep paper documents in folders, we will make sure that when you leave you know where everything is and exactly where everything goes in the future.

We will guide you through 3 easy steps:

  1. Setting up your Personal Financial Management Portal.
  2. Sort through all of your paperwork, tell you what you can throw away and digitize it all to be stored in your online vault.
  3. Setup e-statements for any accounts you are comfortable with so you are no longer getting bombarded with statements that end up in the "I'll look later" box.
Full Comprehensive Financial Planning: $2400-$4500+

Full Comprehensive Financial Planning: $2400-$4500+

Comprehensive planning is the most in-depth service we offer, it covers all the major areas of your personal finances. It is generally suitable for those looking for the most in-depth look into all aspects of their personal finances. Your comprehensive plan can include:

Get Organized, Goals & Expectations, Cash Flow & Budgeting, Credit & Debt Management, Full Retirement Planning, Social Security, Investment Analysis/Portfolio Construction, Tax Planning, Insurance, Estate & Education Planning.

We will go into as much or as little detail on each topic as your situation calls for.

Basic Packages:

Financial Checkup: $500-$700+

Financial Checkup: $500-$700+

An advisor-directed meeting to review your personal finances, covers all the major areas that we believe need to be addressed. Think of it as a financial physical.

This option is suitable for those looking for more breadth than depth from an analysis standpoint. Get recommendations on quick steps for short-term improvements and suggested areas where you may need more in-depth review.

Generally we cover Cash Flow & Budgeting, Credit & Debt Management, Investments and Insurance coverage.

Financially Fit Family: $800-$1100+

Financially Fit Family: $800-$1100+

Families face different challenges than individuals and businesses. Often the focus revolves around transfer of wealth across generations and planning for the future.

Whether you are a family of 2 or 20, we are here to assist you make the most of your available resources.

Topics of interest span Budgeting, Savings Plans, Credit & Debt Management, Investments, Insurance Coverage, Education Planning and basic Estate Planning review.

Cash Flow Reality Check: $500-$700+

Cash Flow Reality Check: $500-$700+

While credit cards revolutionized the world of personal finance, they can be a blessing or a curse for some people.

We advocate mindful spending, ensuring that spending (and saving) habits are aligned with long-term goals. This includes being aware of what you spend your money on, avoiding impulse purchases that give you a short-term high only to be followed by long-term guilt.

We will look at Debt Levels, Budgeting, Spending Habits, Using Credit Wisely, Establishing an Emergency Fund, Automating Savings, Curbing Impulse Spending, Managing your Credit Score and other Cash Flow Management Strategies to get you back on track.

Retirement Planning Packages

Career Professional/Entrepreneur: $950-$1500+

Career Professional/Entrepreneur: $950-$1500+

You've found a stable career, maybe you even like what you do. Whether you work for yourself, stay with the same employer or transition to a new one there are plenty of things to keep tabs on.

We will examine Cash Flow Management, Credit & Debt Management including Credit Cards and Student Loans, Insurance Coverage, Employer Benefits Analysis/Selection, Investments (Funding Retirement Accounts, Managing Asset Allocations in Employer Plans, Options when Switching Employers, etc.) and basic Tax Planning.

Getting Ready to Retire: $650-$1100+

Getting Ready to Retire: $650-$1100+

Wondering if you're prepared for retirement before making a final decision? Let's take an inventory of what kind of a retirement you can expect with the resources you have worked hard to accumulate so you can focus on the next stage of your life.

You can expect basic Retirement Projections, Evaluating Employer Plan Lump Sum vs Payments, Plugging Holes left from ending Benefits with Insurance & Other Tools, Health Care Cost Planning & Estimates, Social Security Strategy Session, Retirement Goals & Needs Analysis, Investment Planning & Retirement Income Planning.

Retired: $600-$1100+

Retired: $600-$1100+

You finally reached retirement, what do you do now? Would you like to continue working part-time but not sure what impact that will have on your social security or pension? Let us guide you through this life changing experience.

We will first look at what drives you, what have you been always wanted to do but didn't have time? Let's see how we can turn those "somedays" into today.

Things like basic Retirement Projections & Income Sources, discuss Part-time Work,  Health Care Cost Planning & Estimates, Social Security Strategies, Retirement Goals & Needs Analysis, Leaving a Legacy, Tax Planning